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Following the well-attended Climate Change Workshop, and the suggestions and ideas put forward by those present, the Environment Working Group have identified specific projects to move forward with in partnership with the local and wider community.

Starting with issues of Waste, Recycling and Refilling, the group are working towards:

  • Creating an umbrella initiative for an “Environment/ Recycling Hub” focused in the Norfolk Centre and the Sustainability Market . The intention would be to build upon the excellent work already on offer at the Sustainability Market, so offering local recycling through TerraCycle, seed-exchanges, spare food recycling. The aim would be to launch this “Hub” as part of a Sustainability Weekend (18-19 March 2023)
  • In support of the above to have a team of “Wombles” trained by Rob Fryatt (Sussex Green Living) who could run this area of the Hub.
  • Further investigating the possibility of providing a re-fill service as part of the “Hub”
  • In the absence of a Food-waste scheme provided by ADC, researching the possibility of setting up an allotment compost station
  • Lobbing for the provision of a consistent adequate green recycling service, not just on specific occasions
  • Working together with other organisations to increasingly establish a more co-ordinated approach to “Greening Arundel”

Rob Fryatt will be offering “TerraCycle” Womble training on Tuesday 10 January, 5.00-6.30pm at the Town Hall. If you would like to volunteer to support this project and undertake this training please contact townevents@arundeltowncouncil.gov.uk to register your interest.