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Council Meetings

In addition to monthly Full Council meetings, some of the Arundel Town Councillors chose to sit on the Planning Advisory Committee which is also generally held on a monthly basis.

Most meetings are held at Arundel Town Hall at 6.30pm on Thursdays.

Members of the public and press have a right to attend all council and committee meetings, and the agenda for each meeting usually allows the first 15 minutes to be set aside for public questions. Answers to press and public questions may be deferred to be supplied in writing at the Chairman’s discretion.

Occasionally, the council may decide that a matter should be discussed in closed chamber and press and public should be excluded. This is rare, but does occasionally happen (for example when discussing sensitive information about members of staff, or co-option of a new councillor). The outcome of closed chamber sessions are subsequently minuted.

Below, you will find a calendar showing a schedule for upcoming meetings of Arundel Town Council and its committees.

Additionally there are a number of Working Groups which Councillors may chose to sit on, at present these are:

Traffic & Access
Financial Regulations & Standing Orders
Planning & Environment
Farmers Market
Town Manager
Flood Emergency Plan