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Arun Parish

Arundel News and Events

  1. Arundel Town Council Nomination Forms

    24 March 2015

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    If you would like Nomination Forms for standing to become a councillor for Arundel Town Council you can pick them up at Arundel Town Hall, on the Electoral Commissions website or you can download them from the following link - 

    Nomination Forms [pdf] 89KB

    Nomination forms must be handed in in person at Arund District Council's offices in Littlehampton by 4pm on the 9th April.

  2. Heritage Lights

    20 March 2015

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    The contractor, SSE,  who will be working on the Heritage Streetlights around Arundel have apologised greatly for the delay.  We had been promised that they would be in place in January but unfortunately thay advise us that they had problems with their supplier and have only just taken delivery of them.  They have scheduled the work to be done next week (w/c 23 March 2015). They said to us 'I have programmed one of my electricians to start work on the installations next week which should only take a few days. Again please accept my apologies for this and I hope that we can resolve this to Arundel Town Council and the residents of Arundel's satisfaction.

  3. A27 Feasability Study

    18 March 2015

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    The Government unexpectedly published the results of the Department for Transport (DfT) / Highways Agency A27 Corridor Feasibility Study during the week ending 14 March 2015. Previously it had been expected that publication would be delayed until after the General Election in May.

    The Main Report dated February 2015 by the consultants Parsons Brinkerhoff comes in three volumes under the following headings:-

    1.     Evidence Report

    2.     Option Assessment Report, and

    3.     Investment Cases.

    There is also an overall Summary Report issued by the DfT and dated March 2015. Full details are available on line via the attached links



    In relation to Arundel, the Study concluded that there is justification for a new dual carriageway By-Pass to link together the two existing dual carriageway sections of the road.

    The DfT Summary Report goes on to say that “the starting point will be the previous preferred route (ie the pink/blue route) subject to consultation with the National Park Authority, local government, and the public on this, and alternative options”.

    After allowing residents time to read and fully digest the Reports, Arundel Town Council plans to hold a Public Meeting to discuss all the issues and the possible outcomes.

    This Public Meeting will be scheduled for some time in June 2015 to give time for consideration of the Study material, and avoid the distracting build-up to the General Election. Further details will be confirmed later. 


  4. Arundel Town Council fly the Commonwealth Flag

    09 March 2015

    Thumbnail for Arundel Town Council fly the Commonwealth Flag

    More than 730 Commonwealth Flags will be raised in locations throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK Overseas Territories, and Commonwealth countries and on Monday 9 March – Commonwealth Day 2015.

    Arundel Town Council is pleased and honoured to be among these 730 locations that are flying the Commonwealth Flag today.

    Please find the press release below for more information on this subject

    Fly a flag for the Commonwealth [pdf] 131KB

  5. The Funding of Improved Flood Defences for Arundel

    03 March 2015

    Thumbnail for The Funding of Improved Flood Defences for Arundel

    Do you remember the flooding of Arundel last year? These caused a great deal of concern and distress for residents. ATC worked hard to provide a solution and also Central Government recognised the need to give additional support. In that regard there is an expectation for funds to be matched from local authorities. The Town Council, after much discussion and debate, have decided the raise the precept for the first time since 2007-08. You will soon receive from Arun District Council, information relating to the Council tax charges for the coming year. The increase will equate to approximately an £8 rise per annum on a band D property and will raise some £16,000 in extra revenue which will be to be put towards this vital flood defence work, it is anticipated that Arun District Council will contribute £94k towards this fund also.

    Please find a more detailed explanation in the link below

    LTRAS phase 1, part1 - 03 March 2015 [pdf] 91KB

Weddings at Arundel Town Hall

 Arundel Town Hall wedding venue

Arundel Town Hall Cinema

Arundel Town Hall Cinema

Arundel Town Hall Presents - The Imitation Game

Wednesday29th April 2015

7.00pm for 7.30pm Start



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Email at any time admin@arundeltowncouncil.gov.uk

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