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In the first week of October Blueprint Pictures are going to be shooting a feature film called ‘Wicked Little Letters’ in Arundel High Street. Blueprint Pictures have made a number of award-winning films such as In Bruges (with Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (with Frances McDormand and Peter Dinklage). You will find more details of the plot of this new film which is set in the 1920’s on the IMDbwebsite.

Preparatory Work

From Monday 26th September Blueprint Pictures will have crew working in that part of the High Street which is south of Digby’s and The Tea and Biscuit Club. The work will consist primarily of dressing the businesses to look like the 1920’s. The businesses will be open, the roads will be open, but to keep everyone safe some parking bays will be suspended and pedestrians will be steered around specific shopfronts that are being worked on.

High Street Road Closure

From 7.00am on Sunday 2nd October 7.00pm on Wednesday 5th September filming will take place on the High Street which will be closed to through traffic south of Maltravers Street. Blueprint have made arrangements with individual businesses about deliveries in this period. Some High Street businesses will be closed in this period-please see the schedule below.

Pedestrian access will remain possible but people will be steered away from areas in which the filming is taking place.

The road closures will continue at night because on 2nd October a special ground cover will be laid to hide any road markings and to resemble a 1920’s road surface. All of this will be made good on the 7th October.

Tarrant Street

Tarrant Street will be closed at the junction with the High Street but will function as a ‘two way road’ with traffic marshals ensuring that traffic is only travelling in Tarrant Street in one direction at any time and the car park behind Le Campania operating as a turning circle. Blueprint tell us that these marshals will operate 24-hours a day, and that they will also place traffic marshals on Brewery Hill and Arun Street.

River Road

To facilitate movement within the town, the bollards will be removed from 2nd-5th October. Traffic marshals have been instructed not to allow any vehicles into River Road apart from resident and domestic vehicles. Vehicles delivering in Tarrant Street will be directed to enter via Surrey Street which will be one way in the opposite direction to usual for the period. Surrey Street will also be marshalled 24-hours a day.

Bond Street

There are special arrangements for Bond Street, where much of the film will be set. Bond Street residents have already received information on these arrangements from Blueprint Pictures. In the period 20th-24th September the Blueprint crew will be taking the street back to the 1920’s visually. Filing will then take place from Monday 26th-Friday 30th September.