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The Mayor of Arundel has presented a cheque for £2,520 to support Lifecentre, a charity that offers support and therapy to people of all ages, genders and backgrounds who have had an unwanted sexual experience.

Rape and sexual abuse affects approximately one in four women and one in six men.

It can be difficult to talk about and to know where to turn to for help. Lifecentre’s therapists are there to listen and provide a safe space where people can process what they have experienced. Lifecentre offer their youngest clients play therapy which uses toys and games to help children explore their feelings, express themselves and make sense of their difficult life experiences.

The Mayor of Arundel said: “Lifecentre does invaluable work in helping people of all ages recover from what are often quite devastating experiences, and we are glad to be able to support their work”.

Kathryn Slatter, Chief Executive Officer of Lifecentre said, “On behalf of all our beneficiaries, I would like to thank the Mayor and Arundel Town Council for their generous donation. This money will help us bring more people on a journey that is transformational to their lives. Many describe our services as life-saving and for most people, the support we provide helps them feel safer, improves their mental wellbeing and can help them cope with everyday life”.

The charity recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary, and in that time have supported over 4,000 people with counselling support, as well as supporting thousands of callers to their helplines.

Photo Credit: Nigel Cull