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The Arundel Local Cycling and Walking Group (ALCWG) is urgently seeking local views on its plan for new cycle routes and walking areas in the town.

With the support of Arundel Town Council, and based on Government guidelines, the Group has drawn up a planned network taking in the town’s main residential areas including train stations, shopping areas, schools and churches.

The proposed network outlines two walking zones, three walking routes and seven cycle routes that connect commonly used areas and is based largely on the comments and ideas about walking and cycling raised by local people, including the 2019 Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Review.

“The Arundel town centre is characterised, like many similar heritage towns, by narrow pavements, dominance of cars, non-continuous routes, poor crossing points and no dropped kerbs,” says James Stewart, who heads up ALCWG. “There has been little investment in infrastructure for the last 30 years, and so now is the time to look into ways this special town – enjoyed by residents, those from nearby towns, villages and other visitors- can be improved for all.

”The key walking and cycle routes connect Arundel from Ford and Arundel Stations into the Town centre and residential areas, and to the parish of Lyminster and Crossbush and beyond to Littlehampton via the new Lyminster Bypass walking/cycle path (due to be completed later this year). There will be another link to access the South Downs from Mill Road to the Black Rabbit and South Stoke.

Once the ALCWP has heard back from the community it will draft a Local Cycling and Walking Improvement Plan (LCWIP). Following further community consultation and approval, the LCWIP will give Arundel priority status when seeking Active Travel England funding for the scheme. “The Arundel Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan will be unusual in being entirely produced by the community” says James.

Local residents can give their feedback via the online/downloadable questionnaire at www.arundeltowncouncil.gov.uk/LCWIP. Questionnaires are also available at Arundel Library, The Town Hall and GP Surgery. The Arundel LCWIP Group is running a workshop at Arundel Town Hall on Saturday 6 August from 11am to 1 pm and hosting a stand at the Festival Farmers’ Market on 20 August from 9am to 1pm. Closing date for responses to the consultation is 30 August 2022, and the Group will publish a report in September/October.

James Stewart launches the Local Cycling and Walking community questionnaire