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West Sussex County Council’s new Fire & Rescue Scrutiny Committee met for the first time on Wednesday (3 June).

Members of the newly formed committee confirmed the priorities for scrutiny and service outcomes it wished to focus on, and set its work programme for the year. The Committee also supported the adoption of a performance and assurance framework in order to ensure that the Committee was able to obtain assurance as to the effectiveness of the improvement journey.

Committee Chairman, Cllr Steve Waight, said: ‘The new scrutiny committee has been able to reconsider how scrutiny of the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is delivered and focus on the elements that ensure that residents in West Sussex are kept safe.

During the first meeting we were able to review progress against the Fire & Rescue Service Improvement Plan and also agree a work programme that is timely in covering the statutory duties of the service as well as those that are important to our residents.’

The committee meeting was held online due to current social distancing restrictions.

The meeting is available to watch back here.

The committee will meet quarterly and the next meeting is on 30 September.

You can find more information on the committee and it’s make up here.