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Arundel Town Council are looking for a new Councillor to join them this Spring. Below is a message from one of their current Councillors, John Bradley, who joined the Council in 2020.

“I knew I would find it interesting to be a Town Councillor and I hoped I would be able to contribute something to our incredible town, but I had no idea of the variety and fun I would have along the way. Sometimes it has been really practical things like marshalling at the Farmers’ Market, joining in with Town Clean-Ups and even helping to get the Christmas tree set up on the high street! I’ve also been able to work with groups seeking routes to deliver affordable housing, exploring ways to tackle the climate crisis, and looking for new ways to encourage walking and cycling. As it’s so flexible I can juggle it to fit times that work for me – emails on the train, bringing the kids to clean-ups, online meetings, and particularly face to face conversations! You’ll be amazed at what you end up doing but you will certainly be glad you took the leap to give it a try…”

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor or just want to find out more, email the Town Clerk, Carolyn Baynes (townclerk@arundeltowncouncilgov.uk). Deadline for applications is the end of February.