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Arundel Town Council’s Traffic & Access Group is setting up a Community Speedwatch project with an aim of keeping Arundel’s Roads safe and it is now looking for volunteers to help run the Community Speedwatch in Arundel.

Community Speed watch (CSW) is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds.

Community Speed Watch is an educational scheme, not enforcement. It is considered as the first tier response to speeding issues. If a problem persists, it can be escalated to tier two, meaning that enforcement can be undertaken by the police neighbourhood policing teams.

Volunteers use equipment that can monitor the speed of passing traffic and then record the details, later adding them to a database. Vehicle checks are then undertaken by the police and letters are then sent to the registered keepers advising them of their speed and reminding them of why it is a community concern.

All volunteers will need to complete an on-line training course once they are registered and once the equipment is available further training will be given.

Get involved
To get involved and sign up email admin@arundeltowncouncil.gov.uk