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The Environment Agency (EA) has now completed approximately two-thirds of the total length of piling. On the afternoon of 27 October, the last exposed 5m section of the original flood wall collapsed into the river. This was adjacent to the residential property at Tarrant Wharf. The project team quickly enacted the emergency plan for such an event and provided stabilisation to the frontage of Tarrant Wharf, with rock-filled mesh bags. The bags were placed at the exposed area of the collapsed section by a crane based on the barge in the river. The specialist monitoring equipment installed at the properties inform us that no movement has been detected from this collapse. The EA are carrying out surveys to establish what is required to continue with the piling and any additional works required due to the collapse. The wall collapsing should not result in flooding to the properties.

Once we have a timetable for how the works will proceed, we will provide further information. It is anticipated that the remaining piling will last another two to three weeks but will depend on surveys from the collapsed wall.

For more information and the full update see below: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/…/atws…/…