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The following message from the Environment Agency was delivered to affected residents at the end of last week.

Update for properties behind the original 93m flood defence design at River Road and Tarrant Wharf- 31 January 2020

Dear Resident,

As discussed at the meeting on Tuesday 28 January we have been working hard to identify other options to improve the flood defence at River Road.

We now have a preferred alternative, technically viable option to better protect the most vulnerable river wall sections in the original design. This would still require additional funding in order for it to be considered moving forward. The project team have escalated a request for additional funding and await the outcome of this decision. There is the possibility that our request for additional funds may not be successful.

At the present time the works will remain paused, with the water-based equipment remaining in the river until this decision has been made. We understand it is likely you will have many further questions and we apologise that it remains an uncertain time for you. Please be reassured that we will keep you informed and provide you with an update next week.