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Latest Update from The Environment Agency

Update for properties behind the original 93m flood defence design at River Road and Tarrant Wharf- 6 March 2020

Dear all

Last week you may have seen activity on the River Arun and in the vicinity of River Road car park, as our contractors removed the 5 steel sheet piles near to Tarrant Wharf that were positioned in the river bed before Christmas.

We do not anticipate there to be an noticeable activities, such as routine movement of equipment, on your side of the river bank next week. Whilst some activities could be undertaken at short notice we will make our best endeavors to update you if the situation changes.

Our request for approval to spend additional money to progress the construction of an updated preferred option at River Road has now been reviewed by our National Project Assurance Board (NPAB). NPAB recommended the request as ‘for approval’. We are awaiting the final decision from all 3 Directors needed to approve the additional spend.

We will continue to keep you updated. 

Kind Regards

The Arundel Scheme Project Team