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Latest Update from the Environment Agency:

Re-instatement of gardens and patios at River Road

Over the last few months we have been working with our consultants and contractors to finalise our plans and approach to re-instating the gardens and patio’s that were disrupted by our works to install the new flood defence wall at River Road. We continue to work with individual residents to agree specific details but our contractors will begin to start setting up the site compound in Mill Road and receiving deliveries from next week – Monday 1 February 2021. Works are then planned to start on site in River Road from Monday 8 February 2021. We currently anticipate that these works will continue until mid-May.

We and our contractors will continue to do what we can to minimise the disruption to residents and the community. However some of the activities will cause localised disruption to access, noise and dust. Disruptive activities will include excavation and removal of material, mini-piling at one location, and the delivery/laying of concrete in the rear gardens. Our contractors continue to review and develop the detailed construction methodology of these activities and any mitigation that can be provided to minimise disruption.

Our site working hours will be between 07:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings.

The key locations for this phase of works are:

Mill Road Car Park

Initial activities next week will involve the delivery of some equipment to the Mill Road Car Park including welfare facilities for our contractors. The area in the car park will remain our main site compound whilst the re-instatement works are carried out. Deliveries will continue to be made to our compound here throughout the duration of this phase of our works. Materials and equipment will then be transported to our site working area through Arundel.

Arun Street and the Memorial Gardens

The main access to the site will be along Tarrant Street and down Arun Street. In accordance with the Temporary Traffic Restriction Order granted by West Sussex County Council, you will not be able to park on the West side of Arun Street as this is where materials and equipment will be delivered and unloaded. We will also have a waste skip in place at the southern end of Arun Street. Please see the attached plan and share this message with your neighbours. We apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause, however this is necessary due to the access and space restrictions in Arundel.

To enable the works to be completed, access to some of the rear gardens at River Road will be through the Memorial Gardens, and the gardens will be closed to public access for the duration of our work. We are working closely with Arun District Council to ensure that our use of the garden is as sensitive as possible, however we may need to remove some plants. Extra precautions will be taken to protect the memorial paving. Re-instatement and repair works will be completed at the end of our works and agreed with Arun District Council.

River Road

In addition to the access through the Memorial Gardens we will have two access points to the rear of the impacted properties along River Road. As required materials and equipment will be transported down River Road by transit van/wheelbarrow.

We will resume regular updates to our existing email distribution list to provide updates on progress and a forward look of any particularly disruptive activities. You are receiving this email because you have previously asked to be kept up to date with the Arundel Tidal Defences Scheme. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please reply to this email and we will update our contact details.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support for the project.