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Latest Update from the Environment Agency:

River wall improvement works

Works are currently ahead of schedule to install and pre-tension ground anchors fitted over the full extent of the new river wall. This activity is expected to be completed over the next two weeks. Once all ground anchors have been fully tensioned (to secure them to the landward side), our contractors will continue to backfill to provide additional support to the new construction.

We will continue planning any further measures we may need to put in place in order to safeguard weaker sections of the river wall. We are continuing our routine site monitoring activities during this phase of the construction. 

We continue to work with those most affected to clarify our plans to investigate, repair and reinstate the landward side as more information is known. We recognise that it is important that residents have the opportunity to agree with us exactly what and how this will be achieved at their property.

Forecast for next week

The ground anchors are now all in place, but we need to wait a short period of time for the fixing grout to harden. At the end of  next week (when appropriate strength is reached) tension will be applied to the anchors. This activity will ensure the new structure achieves the appropriate design parameters (for overall strength and stability).

While some of the smaller floating equipment will remain, the (large) jack up barge will be de-mobilised and removed from site next week. There will be increased activity at River Road car park throughout next week as the platform is demobilised, lifted from the river to the car park and removed from site (in several separate loads) by large lorries. We apologise in advance for any disruption this activity causes to the day to day lives of local residents.

Alternative construction methods and equipment will be utilised to complete the remaining construction activities, including reinstating the landward side and repairing any damaged infrastructure caused by our work. It continues to be important that these activities are appropriately delivered in a cost effective way. The nature of these works will be informed by geotechnical investigations to the landward side. Starting at the upstream extent on Monday 29 June, further information will be collected to determine the physical properties of the material beneath.

It remains the case that our contractor will need to make adjustments to their programme of activities (sometimes at short notice) in order to ensure the works remain on schedule and are completed as efficiently as possible.

Wall strengthening and embankment raising at Fitzalan Road

Our activities to improve the flood defences (north and south of the A27 road bridge) are now mostly complete. Some localised finishing works are still remaining to ensure that the new construction is built to the required design parameters. It is important that the finished scheme is acceptable from a public health and safety perspective as well as providing the required level of flood protection.

We continue to work (and meet with) the riverside owners/occupiers most affected by our work at Fitzalan Road. We remain committed to reinstating their land and infrastructure to its original condition. We recognise that it is important that residents have the opportunity to agree with us exactly what and how reinstatement will be achieved at their property. If you have not done so already, please feel free to contact us directly at floodrisksussex@environment-agency.gov.uk. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us so far.

Good progress is being made on the opposite side of the river (south of the A27 road bridge). Approximately 50m of king piles (small steel posts) and edging board has now been installed. Improvements to the crest of the river bank at this location are expected to be complete in 4 to 5 weeks. Please be aware that the river bank footpath with remain closed (from the A27 road bridge to the Windmill on the adjacent river bank) over this period.