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Latest Update from the Environment Agency:

River wall improvement works

Good progress is being made as the improvements to the wall at River Road continue. Approximately half of the steel sheet piles have now been installed.

However, we are starting to experience some difficulties and delay in the construction industry supply chain as a result of Covid-19. This has affected our ability to accurately predict when construction materials (such as steel sheet piles and concrete) will be delivered to site. Our contractor has increasingly needed to make adjustments to their programme of activities (sometimes at short notice) in order to ensure the works remain on schedule and are completed as efficiently as possible.

Some residents may have been surprised when construction works started in Arun Street gardens this morning. Concrete was delivered here and pumped to form a plug (connection) between the new and existing river walls. This involved a large concrete mixer being driven down Surrey/Tarrant Street (opposite to normal traffic flow) and then reversing down Arun Street to the Memorial Gardens. 

We are now aware that some local residents were given short notice of the works occurring through a letter sent direct by Mackleys. Unfortunately the Environment Agency had not reviewed this communication and we regret that the information included about what would happen was inaccurate and unclear. We are very sorry for any confusion or worry this caused. We will work with our contractor to ensure we do this better next time.

Forecast for tomorrow and next week

On Friday 24 April 2020, concreting works, similar to those described above, are scheduled to continue in Arun Street gardens. We are awaiting confirmation of the concrete delivery, but currently expect the work to take place between 8am until approximately 12 noon. Further works will be needed at this location at a future date to be confirmed.

On Friday 24 April 2020 the jack up barge will also be moved to a new upstream position adjacent to Rats Castle (21 River Road) ready for piling to resume next week. We expect that the next delivery of steel sheet piles (from Luxembourg) will now be delivered on Monday 27 April, Tuesday 28 April and Wednesday 29 April 2020. Subject to materials being delivered as expected vibration and hammer piling may resume as early as Monday 27 April 2020. Please be prepared for noisy periods throughout next week.

Embankment raising South of the A27 at Fitzalan Road

There will continue to be periodic deliveries of site equipment and materials to and from the site compound at the end of Fitzalan Road. You will continue to see operatives dig post holes (using a mechanical auger) and install the king piles (small concrete posts) on the crest of the river bank.

Some residents have requested a drawing showing the extent of the improvement works. Please find this included with this update.