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Latest update from the Environment Agency:

River wall improvement works

Good progress continues to be made with the improvements to the wall at River Road. Approximately 40 steel sheet piles (over a 25m section) remain to be installed.

Structural engineers inspected the existing river wall last week (over the scheme extent), as part of our routine site monitoring activities during construction. Whilst minor structural cracking is evident at several locations, there are currently no concerns with regard to the overall stability of the river wall (or the new construction). We will continue to closely monitor the situation as construction work continues. This helps us plan our remaining piling activities and any additional measures that may need to put in place to continue to safeguard the weaker sections of river wall. We will contact residents directly about these matters, and continue to assess the impact of our construction activities.

Please be aware of a change to our current on-site working hours. To allow the project to continue on schedule, construction (including piling activities) will take place between 07.30 and 18.00 on Saturday 16 May 2020, Saturday 23 May 2020 and Monday 25 May 2020 (Spring Bank Holiday). We apologise for any additional inconvenience that this causes.

Forecast for next week

Piling activity will continue over the coming week. Please be prepared for noisy periods on Saturday 16 May 2020 and throughout next week. It remains the case that our contractor will need to make adjustments to their programme of activities (sometimes at short notice) in order to ensure the works remain on schedule and are completed as efficiently as possible. 

Embankment raising South of the A27

Good progress continues to be made with the river bank improvements at southern Fitzalan Road. We are aware that some residents want to understand more about the construction works at this location. To help ensure local residents have the opportunity to discuss the works with us, we hope to meet a local resident on site next week (under strict social distancing rules). We are also keen to hear from you directly if you have any questions about our work.

There will continue to be periodic deliveries of site equipment and materials to and from the site compound. You will continue to see operatives dig post holes (using a mechanical auger) and install the king piles (small concrete posts) as they make improvements to the crest of the river bank. We are working on small revisions to the design at the inlet channel (near the Granary/Windmill).

Environmental surveys are now complete on the opposite river bank. At the end of next week, you will start to see vegetation cutting and the installation of safety fencing in preparation of embankment raising (similar to that above). Please be aware that the river bank footpath will be closed (from the A27 road bridge to the Windmill on the adjacent river bank) until the end of September 2020.