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Arundel Tidal Defences Scheme – Phase 1
Newsletter 2 – December 2018
We have now completed our engineering surveys of the river defences in Arundel
You may have seen our contractors working on and near the River Arun, carrying out some initial surveys and investigations. In some cases we needed to access land belonging to riverside property owners. Thank you to everyone who assisted us during this time.
What’s been happening?
Since October 2018 we have completed; drone surveys, visual inspections, surveys of the river bed and thickness tests of sheet steel piles on the River Road side. We also used mechanical equipment to dig narrow holes in the ground (boreholes) on both sides of the river. Investigating the material below ground will help us to better understand the stability of the river defences over the long-term.
Supporting the local community
In early 2016 we developed an emergency response plan for the increased flood risk presented by the failure of the flood defence (river wall) at River Road, Arundel. This emergency plan details how we will respond to high water levels in the River Arun and the increased flood risk posed to properties in the area.
In November 2018 we reviewed and updated the plan in readiness for winter and to take into account the latest information from our surveys.
You can find out more via our webpage: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/arundel-tidal-defence-scheme
Next steps
Once we have analysed the results of our surveys, we will have a better understanding of the condition of the river defences throughout Arundel. We will share this information with riverside property owners and help explain what it means for them.
Our investigations will inform where exactly in Arundel improvement works will take place, as part of the Arundel Tidal Defences Scheme – Phase 1. The results will also help us understand where and when works may be needed in future years.
We anticipate the scheme will better protect around 130 properties from flooding and up to 30 properties against river erosion on both river banks. Repairs to the collapsed wall at River Road are anticipated begin by autumn 2019.
The current best estimate of the cost of the scheme is £4 million, funded by a combination of Government grant and contributions raised locally (with the support of local councils).
We are planning to hold a public event in spring 2019 to share more detailed plans with the community.
Contact us
E-Mail:FloodRiskSussex@environment-agency.gov.uk Telephone: 03708 506 506 (9am- 6pm Mon – Fri) Or write to: Andrew Townsend, The Environment Agency, Guildbourne House, Chatsworth Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1LD.
Twitter: @EnvAgencySE #ArundelTDS