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Arundel is sparkling again after  taking part in the Great British Clean Up on 11th & 12th June.

Helped by beautiful weather, many individual residents and groups set about the Clean Up with great enthusiasm. Participants included Arundel Church of England Primary School, St. Philip’s Primary School, the Arundel Scout and Guide Group,  the Arundel Bee Project, St. Nicholas Church, the Arundel Community Orchard, the Co-op, the Lido and the Chamber of Commerce, together with many individual residents. Volunteers ranged in age from 3 years old to 85 years old.

Mackley, who built Arundel’s Tidal Flood Defences last year, sent two licenced strimmers to help clear the ground by the taxi rank at Arundel Station; Tivoli Group, who have recently been watering the Lime Trees in Mill Road for us, then provided a van that community volunteers loaded with the waste collected. The plan is to sow this area at the station with wildflowers so that it can be part of the Beelines through Arundel and the South Downs.

During the day the rubbish collected included abandoned road signs, a £20 note, a £1 coin, an old spoon, a mattress, a large number of  empty spinach packets, a baby’s dummy, a wheel, and lots of beer cans, beer bottles and-sad to report-discarded face masks.  The prize for the most unusual find went to one of the cubs who discovered the footrest from a wheelchair. At 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon the Biffa team collected over 40 blue sacks of rubbish stacked up on the cobbles in the town centre, and they will be making separate trips to collect the larger items.

Tony Hunt, Mayor of Arundel, commented: “We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful town, and clearly many people in our community want to contribute to caring for it. It was brilliant to have all this support for our Spring Clean Up, and we are committed to having these days at least twice each year. In fact some volunteers have asked if they can borrow our litter pickers to keep clean the areas around Swanbourne Lake and the Hiorne Tower, and local footpaths along the banks of the River Arun, because we all know that these areas will be very busy during the summer months”.