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For those residents who didn’t see the virtual opening ceremony for Arundel Festival of the Arts 2020 featuring the Mayor of Arundel and the Town Crier, please find a link below with the Mayor’s words transcribed.


Happy Birthday to the Arundel Festival! This year our Festival is 42 years old. It’s in the prime of its life. So, clearly whatever the difficulties “ this show must go on! “

It’s brilliant that the organisers have used real creativity to find a safe way to provide this festival for us to enjoy despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

Indeed by making it a virtual festival, this year the Arundel Festival of the Arts will probably reach more people, all around the world, than we have ever reached before.

And those people will  realise something which we all know-that Arundel has a wonderful festival, and that Arundel is a great place to live, a great place to work and a great place to visit.

By keeping our famous  Festival going, there is the promise that next year-when Covid-19 is well and truly behind us-the live Arundel Festival will come back again, better than ever before.

So our thanks go to everyone who has made this virtual Festival possible-to the performers, the musicians, the artists, the organisers, the film-makers and many, many others.

Thank you all so much. Now it’s time for us all to enjoy the 2020 Arundel Festival