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Arundel Community Network

What is Arundel Community Network?

Arundel Community Network (ACN) is run by a group of local residents and aims to improve communication in our community using a combination of email ‘bulletins’ and online surveys.

Residents are encouraged to:

  • sign up for email bulletins
  • submit items for broadcast
  • take part in ACN surveys
Stay informed and have your say!

The Network will send out an email bulletin when there is some information that is urgent or important. Urgent news could be about road or rail closures, important information might be local flood warnings or proposed traffic plans.

In addition, the network will occasionally issue online survey information to canvass residents’ views on issues affecting the town as a whole – usually in situations where putting leaflets through letterboxes might be too slow or prohibited by costs.

There is no charge to residents for using the network. Your data will not be shared with any third parties, and the network undertakes not to ‘swamp’ correspondents with emails; at the minute, the agreed maximum for email bulletins to be sent in a year is twelve.

  • To sign up to receive bulletins from Arundel Community Network, complete the short form below.
  • Full information about Arundel Community Network is available here.
  • To contact the Network, volunteer to be part of the Steering Group, or to submit information for a bulletin, click here.

*Please note that certain types of information may not be approved for broadcast by the Steering Group. Please read the PDF download for guidance.

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