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(taken from Highways England’s website)

Surveys and ground investigation along our preferred route

This month (February 2021) and until summer 2021 you’ll see our contractors doing ground investigation (GI) surveys on the land along the proposed route of the bypass. We need to find out more about the soils, rocks and groundwater along the route and this information will help us design the road in a way that seeks to minimise impact on the environment and local community as much as possible.

GI surveys are carried out using drilling rigs with crews of varying size dependant on the type of survey. We’ll be setting up temporary site compounds for the work, which we’re setting up during the course of the works.

There is the possibility of some night working on the road and on private land, depending on what we’ve agreed with each private landowner. The work we’re doing in February to summer 2021 is mainly on private land that has no public access, such as farmland.

Our ground investigation work is a continuation of the survey work we’ve been doing since April 2017 and which continues this year. That work includes:

  • topographical surveys that started in September 2020 and will finish this month (February 2021);
  • drainage and road surface surveys, which will both take place on the A27. There will be traffic management on the road for these and they’re taking place this spring;
  • ecology surveys which will continue to run throughout the year;
  • archaeological trial trenching which will take place along the preferred route later this year;

Our site surveyors will work in accordance with Covid-19 social distancing measures and latest government guidance.