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  • The Mayor

  • Cllr Marc Rankin (Chair)

  • Cllr Carole Beaty (Deputy Chair)

  •  Cllr Michael Tu

  •  Cllr John Bradley

  •  Rita Godfrey 

  • Tracy Clayton

  • Jonathan Brantigan

  • Katrina Murray

  • Claude Paradis


Terms of Reference Environment Working Group

The AGREED Members are Cllrs Bradley, Rankin, Beaty and Tu, the Mayor and Rita Godfrey.



•   The Working Group will comprise Councillors, Officers and other members of the community.

•   A minimum of one Town Councillor shall be present at each meeting.


•   At the first meeting, the Working Group will elect a Chairperson.


•   It is expected that all Working Group members abide by the principles and practice of the Town Council Code of Conduct including declarations of interest. A copy of the Code of Conduct will be shared with all members.

•   Town Council insurance will cover the agreed activities of the Working Group, but Working Group members, in liaison with the Town Clerk, need to ensure that terms of the insurance are not breached.

•   Working Group have no delegated powers and need Council approval for expenditure.


The purpose of the Working Group shall be to:

•   Through local initiatives such as Ending Climate Change Day and a Climate Change Award scheme, raise awareness of the climate change emergency and ways in which we can contribute to reducing climate change.

•   Work with community groups to look at ways in which Arundel can contribute to tackling climate change and investigate how Arundel can reduce its waste (including disposable coffee cups)

•   Lobby ADC to have green recycling bins located in Arundel.

•   Develop initiatives to minimise the carbon footprint of the Council.

•   Consider the effect on climate change of all proposals that come before the Town Council.

•   Establish with District Council a programme for electrical car

charging in Arundel.


•   The working group will arrange to meet with the frequency required to deliver the 2022/23 strategic objectives.

•   Meetings may take place physically or by Teams, Zoom or telephone as members agree.

•   The Working Group shall keep a record of meetings and decisions and circulate notes to the Working Group members in a timely fashion.




•   Grants and funding can be applied for by the Working Group and held by the Town Council, who will ring-fence the funds for Environmental purposes only.

•   All financial transactions will be conducted through the Town Clerk, to ensure that the Town Council Financial Regulations are observed.


•   Any recommendations that require Town Council approval shall be prepared in the normal format and included on the Full Council meeting Agenda in agreement with the Town Clerk.

•   The Working Group shall provide quarterly reports to the Full Council.

Dissolving the

Working Group

·   If the Working Group wishes to dissolve it must notify the Town Council.






























































































Terms of Reference






























































































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