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Arundel Town Council is disappointed by the recent decision by the South Downs National Park Authority on 24 May 2018 to seek a judicial review of the Highways England preferred route (Option 5A) for the proposed A27 bypass at Arundel.

Arundel residents have been discussing and debating the need for a bypass for at least thirty years. It has been a long held view of Arundel Town Council to support a bypass, initially on the old Pink/Blue route and more recently on the Option 5A route.

Arundel has 4,000 residents who currently have to endure a town split in two, pollution, rat running and road traffic accidents.

During the recent HE consultation process on the proposed routes, Arundel Town Council was keen for all residents to take part and to make an informed decision.

Further we held a public meeting on 25 September 2017 with speakers from all sides of the debate. It was clear from this that the majority of residents, who expressed a view, were in favour of a bypass, and this helped to inform the Town Council’s decision made in October in favour of Option 5A. ATC is aware that there are those who did not agree with this democratic decision.

Arundel Town Council was not alone in making this decision. They were joined by WSCC, ADC, Horsham District Council, Littlehampton Town Council, Bognor Town Council, and most of the other parish councils in the County and District, with the exception of Walberton who opposed Option 5A and Lyminster who neither supported nor opposed Option 5A.

All of these bodies as well as many of the respondents to the consultation can see the benefits that the bypass can bring to this area, not just for Arundel residents, but also for the nearby downland towns and villages, including Storrington, the coastal economy and the east/west passing traffic on the important A27 trunk road.

HE, in their announcement of the preferred route, sought to alleviate the concerns raised during the consultation and so proposed a modified route.

Arundel Town Council believes that the HE consultation exercise brought out the main issues to be addressed, including the need for mitigation for the 6 ha of lost woodland and the Town Council stands by it’s preference for route Option 5A.