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Arundel Town Council awards grants to organisations in order to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Where do the grants come from?

Arundel Town Council has two sources of income. The precept, which is our share of local tax provide about 60% of the Council’s income and most of the remainder is generated by letting out the Town Hall for weddings and events.

How much is available each year?

The total amount available for grants each year varies, and is included in the Council’s annual budget, under s137 and s145 of the Local Government Act 1972. In 2021/22 the amount available under these combined headings was £30,000.

Who are eligible for grants?

Most often grants are provided to voluntary organisations and charities in Arundel. They are also available for specific projects supporting Arundel’s schools, youth groups and churches, all of whom play an active role in our community. Organisations outside of Arundel are eligible for grants provided that the grant benefits Arundel residents.

Who are not eligible?

Grants are not provided for national or international appeals or for sponsoring individuals or individual businesses though grants may be provided to the Chamber of Commerce for events which benefit the community.

How is a grant application assessed?

Arundel Town Council considers applications at four Council Meetings each year, in January, April, July and October.

The key criteria used to assess an application are:

  • Does the activity or project for which the funding is sought contribute to life in our community?
  • Will our grant make a difference?
  • Is the organisation likely to be able to deliver the project for which the funding is sought?
  • Is the organisation financially sound and well-managed?
  • Is the grant necessary, or can the organisation easily fund the activity from its own reserves?
  • Are we being asked to make a grant for a project or activity which should be funded by some other Statutory Authority or body?

The application form is designed to enable the Council to reach an objective view on these criteria.

What conditions apply to council grants?

Because grants are made from public money the Council needs to apply conditions to them:

  • The Council will ask for an end-of-project report, describing how the project or activity has been carried-out with a financial report explaining how the grant has been used. This report will be due within 12-months of the grant being awarded.
  • If the project will take longer than 12-months to complete an interim report will be required.
  • If the   organisation cannot or does not use the grant for the purpose for which is was awarded within 12-months (or within a longer period if the Council permits an extension) it must be returned to the Council.

*Adopted at Full Council 12/01/2022


Click HERE to download the Grant Application Form