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Arun Parish

Traffic and Access Committee 2018

Current Membership

Deputy Mayor Cllr James Stewart (Chairman), Cllr Kay Wagland , Cllr Wendy Eve,  Cllr Karin Moorhouse, Cllr Michael Tu.

Cllr Standing,  Mayor Lucy Ashworth (ex officio)

Issues and minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
25th January 2018 Agenda 25th January 2018 [pdf] 180KB Minutes 25th January 2018 [pdf] 419KB
29th March 2018 Agenda 29th March 2018 [pdf] 163KB  Minutes 29th March 2018 [pdf] 197KB
21st June 2018 Agenda 21st June 2018 [pdf] 67KB

Minutes 21st June 2018 [pdf] 255KB

Traffic Actions 2018 [pdf] 142KB


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