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Arun Parish

Planning and Environment 2018

Current Membership: Cllr Mark Philips (Chairman), Cllr Anne Harriott , Cllr Sunil Patel,  Cllr Matt Bodimeade


Mayor Councillor Angela Standing , Deputy Mayor Lucy Ashworth (ex officio),


To find out all the up to date planning applications please click on the following links.

For Arun District Council - http://www.arun.gov.uk/main.cfm?TYPE=RECORDS

For Southdowns National Park - http://www.southdowns.gov.uk/planning/view-planning-applications


Agendas and Minutes
Date of Meeting Agendas Minutes
18th January 2018 Agenda 18th January 2018 [pdf] 245KB Minutes 18th January 2018 [pdf] 372KB
15th February 2018 Agenda 15th February 2018 [pdf] 381KB Minutes 15th February 2018 [pdf] 285KB
15th March 2018 Agenda 15th March 2018 [pdf] 207KB Minutes 15th March 2018 [pdf] 213KB
19th April 2018 Agenda 19th April 2018 [pdf] 212KB Minutes 19th April 2018 [pdf] 219KB
23rd May 2018 Agenda 23rd May 2018 [pdf] 214KB Minutes 23rd May 2018 [pdf] 382KB
14th June 2018 Agenda 14th June 2018 [pdf] 202KB Draft Minutes 14th June 2018 [pdf] 298KB
27th June 2018 Agenda 27th June 2018 [pdf] 210KB  
12th July 2018 Agenda 12th July 2018 [pdf] 154KB  
26th July 2018 Agenda 26th July 2018 [pdf] 209KB  


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